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Efficient list decoding of a class of algebraic-geometry codes

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  • We consider the problem of list decoding algebraic-geometry codes. We define a general class of one-point algebraic-geometry codes encompassing, among others, Reed-Solomon codes, Hermitian codes and norm-trace codes. We show how for such codes the interpolation constraints in the Guruswami-Sudan list-decoder, can be rephrased using a module formulation. We then generalize an algorithm by Alekhnovich [2], and show how this can be used to efficiently solve the interpolation problem in this module reformulation. The family of codes we consider has a number of well-known members, for which the interpolation part of the Guruswami-Sudan list decoder has been studied previously. For such codes the complexity of the interpolation algorithm we propose, compares favorably to the complexity of known algorithms.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 14G50, 94B35; Secondary: 94B27, 11T71.


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