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Fast algebraic immunity of Boolean functions

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  • Since 1970, Boolean functions have been the focus of a lot of attention in cryptography. An important topic in symmetric ciphers concerns the cryptographic properties of Boolean functions and constructions of Boolean functions with good cryptographic properties, that is, good resistance to known attacks. An important progress in cryptanalysis areas made in 2003 was the introduction by Courtois and Meier of algebraic attacks and fast algebraic attacks which are very powerful analysis concepts and can be applied to almost all cryptographic algorithms. To study the resistance against algebraic attacks, the notion of algebraic immunity has been introduced. In this paper, we use a parameter introduced by Liu and al., called fast algebraic immunity, as a tool to measure the resistance of a cryptosystem (involving Boolean functions) to fast algebraic attacks. We prove an upper bound on the fast algebraic immunity. Using our upper bound, we establish the weakness of trace inverse functions against fast algebraic attacks confirming a recent result of Feng and Gong.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 12K10, 94A60.


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