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Blowing up at zero points of potential for an initial boundary value problem

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  • We study nonnegative radially symmetric solutions for a semilinear heat equation in a ball with spatially dependent coefficient which vanishes at the origin. Our aim is to construct a solution that blows up at the origin where there is no reaction. For this, we first prove that the blow-up is complete, if the origin is not a blow-up point and if there is no blow-up point on the boundary. Then we prove that a threshold solution exists such that it blows up in finite time incompletely and there is no blow-up point on the boundary. On the other hand, we prove that any zero of nonnegative potential is not a blow-up point for a more general problem under the assumption that the solution is monotone in time.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 35K55; Secondary: 35K20.


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