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Evolutionary, symmetric $p$-Laplacian. Interior regularity of time derivatives and its consequences

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  • We consider an evolutionary, non-degenerate, symmetric $p$-Laplacian. By symmetric we mean that the full gradient of $p$-Laplacian is replaced by its symmetric part, which causes a breakdown of the Uhlenbeck structure. We derive interior regularity of time derivatives of its local weak solution. To circumvent the space-time growth mismatch, we devise a new local regularity technique of iterations in Nikolskii-Bochner spaces. It is interesting by itself, as it may be modified to provide new regularity results for the full-gradient $p$-Laplacian case with lower-order dependencies. Finally, having our regularity result for time derivatives, we obtain respective regularity of the main part. The Appendix on Nikolskii-Bochner spaces, that includes theorems on their embeddings and interpolations, may be of independent interest.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: 35K55, 35K59, 35K92, 35Q35, 35B65.


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