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Forward-backward approximation of nonlinear semigroups in finite and infinite horizon

  • * Corresponding author: Juan Peypouquet

    * Corresponding author: Juan Peypouquet
Supported by FONDECYT Grant 1181179, CMM-Conicyt PIA AFB170001, ECOS-CONICYT Grant C18E04 and CONICYT-PFCHA/DOCTORADO NACIONAL/2016 21160994
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  • This work is concerned with evolution equations and their forward-backward discretizations, and aims at building bridges between differential equations and variational analysis. Our first contribution is an estimation for the distance between iterates of sequences generated by forward-backward schemes, useful in the convergence and robustness analysis of iterative algorithms of widespread use in numerical optimization and variational inequalities. Our second contribution is the approximation, on a bounded time frame, of the solutions of evolution equations governed by accretive (monotone) operators with an additive structure, by trajectories constructed by interpolating forward-backward sequences. This provides a short, simple and self-contained proof of existence and regularity for such solutions; unifies and extends a number of classical results; and offers a guide for the development of numerical methods. Finally, our third contribution is a mathematical methodology that allows us to deduce the behavior, as the number of iterations tends to $ +\infty $, of sequences generated by forward-backward algorithms, based solely on the knowledge of the behavior, as time goes to $ +\infty $, of the solutions of differential inclusions, and viceversa.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 34A60, 37L05, 65K15.


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