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Global bifurcation and stable two-phase separation for a phase field model in a disk

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  • Let D:$=\{(x,y);\ x^2+y^2 < l^2\}\subset\R^2$. We study the shape of a local minimizer of the problem

    $E(u)=\int_{D}(\frac{|\nabla u|^2}{2}+\lambda W(u)) dx\ \ $subject to$ \ \ m=\frac{1}{|D|}\int_Dudx $

    and study the global structure of critical points. We show that for an arbitrary potential $W\in C^4$ every level set of every nonconstant local minimizer is a $C^1$-curve and it divides $D$ into exactly two simply connected subdomains. Next we consider the case $W(u)=(u^2-1)^2/4$ (Cahn-Hilliard equation). When $\lambda$ varies and $m$ is fixed, we show that this problem has an unbounded continuum of critical points. When $m$ varies and $\lambda$ is fixed, we show that this problem has a bounded continuum meeting at two different points on the trivial branch. Moreover, we show that in each case a bifurcating critical point is stable (a local minimizer) near the bifurcation point in a certain parameter range. The main technique is the nodal curve which relates the shape with the Morse index. We do not use a small parameter or the $\Gamma$-convergence technique.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 35B32, 35B36; Secondary: 35J20, 35J61.


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