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Dynamics of a delay differential equation with multiple state-dependent delays

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  • We study the dynamics of a linear scalar delay differential equation $$\epsilon \dot{u}(t)=-\gamma u(t)-\sum_{i=1}^N\kappa_i u(t-a_i-c_iu(t)),$$ which has trivial dynamics with fixed delays ($c_i=0$). We show that if the delays are allowed to be linearly state-dependent ($c_i\ne0$) then very complex dynamics can arise, when there are two or more delays. We present a numerical study of the bifurcation structures that arise in the dynamics, in the non-singularly perturbed case, $\epsilon=1$. We concentrate on the case $N=2$ and $c_1=c_2=c$ and show the existence of bistability of periodic orbits, stable invariant tori, isola of periodic orbits arising as locked orbits on the torus, and period doubling bifurcations.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 34K18, 34K13, 34K28.


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