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Dynamics of Klein-Gordon on a compact surface near a homoclinic orbit

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  • We consider the Klein-Gordon equation (KG) on a Riemannian surface $M$ $$ \partial^{2}_t u-\Delta u-m^{2}u+u^{2p+1} =0,\quad p\in \mathbb{N}^{*},\quad (t,x)\in \mathbb{R}\times M,$$ which is globally well-posed in the energy space. This equation has a homoclinic orbit to the origin, and in this paper we study the dynamics close to it. Using a strategy from Groves-Schneider, we get the existence of a large family of heteroclinic connections to the center manifold that are close to the homoclinic orbit during all times. We point out that the solutions we construct are not small.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: 37K45, 35Q55, 35Bxx.


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