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Infinitely many radial solutions to elliptic systems involving critical exponents

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  • In this paper, by an approximating argument, we obtain infinitely many radial solutions for the following elliptic systems with critical Sobolev growth $$ \left\lbrace\begin{array}{l} -\Delta u=|u|^{2^*-2}u + \frac{η \alpha}{\alpha+β}|u|^{\alpha-2}u |v|^β + \frac{σ p}{p+q} |u|^{p-2}u|v|^q , \ \ x ∈ B , \\ -\Delta v = |v|^{2^*-2}v + \frac{η β}{\alpha+ β } |u|^{\alpha }|v|^{β-2}v + \frac{σ q}{p+q} |u|^{p}|v|^{q-2}v , \ \ x ∈ B , \\ u = v = 0, \ \ &x \in \partial B, \end{array}\right. $$ where $N > \frac{2(p + q + 1) }{p + q - 1}, η, σ > 0, \alpha,β > 1$ and $\alpha + β = 2^* = : \frac{2N}{N-2} ,$ $p,\,q\ge 1$, $2\le p +q<2^*$ and $B\subset \mathbb{R}^N$ is an open ball centered at the origin.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: 35B33, 35J60.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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