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Weak structural stability of pseudo-monotone equations

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  • The inclusion $\beta(u)\ni h$ in $V'$ is studied, assuming that $V$ is a reflexive Banach space, and that $\beta: V \to {\cal P}(V')$ is a generalized pseudo-monotone operator in the sense of Browder-Hess [MR 0365242]. A notion of strict generalized pseudo-monotonicity is also introduced. The above inclusion is here reformulated as a minimization problem for a (nonconvex) functional $V \!\times V'\to \mathbf{R} \cup \{+\infty\}$.
        A nonlinear topology of weak-type is introduced, and related compactness results are proved via De Giorgi's notion of $\Gamma$-convergence. The compactness and the convergence of the family of operators $\beta$ provide the (weak) structural stability of the inclusion $\beta(u)\ni h$ with respect to variations of $\beta$ and $h$, under the only assumptions that the $\beta$s are equi-coercive and the $h$s are equi-bounded.
        These results are then applied to the weak stability of the Cauchy problem for doubly-nonlinear parabolic inclusions of the form $D_t\partial\varphi(u) + \alpha(u) \ni h$, $\partial\varphi$ being the subdifferential of a convex lower semicontinuous mapping $\varphi$, and $\alpha$ a generalized pseudo-monotone operator. The technique of compactness by strict convexity is also used in the limit procedure.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: 35K60, 49J40, 58E.


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