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Exponential convergence of non-linear monotone SPDEs

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  • For a Markov semigroup $P_t$ with invariant probability measure $\mu$, a constant $\lambda>0$ is called a lower bound of the ultra-exponential convergence rate of $P_t$ to $\mu$, if there exists a constant $C\in (0,\infty)$ such that $$ \sup_{\mu(f^2)\le 1}||P_tf-\mu(f)||_\infty \le C e^{-\lambda t},\ \ t\ge 1.$$ By using the coupling by change of measure in the line of [F.-Y. Wang, Ann. Probab. 35(2007), 1333--1350], explicit lower bounds of the ultra-exponential convergence rate are derived for a class of non-linear monotone stochastic partial differential equations. The main result is illustrated by the stochastic porous medium equation and the stochastic $p$-Laplace equation respectively. Finally, the $V$-uniformly exponential convergence is investigated for stochastic fast-diffusion equations.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 60H155; Secondary: 60B10.


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