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Sharp time decay rates on a hyperbolic plate model under effects of an intermediate damping with a time-dependent coefficient

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  • In this work we study decay rates for a hyperbolic plate equation under effects of an intermediate damping term represented by the action of a fractional Laplacian operator and a time-dependent coefficient. We obtain decay rates with very general conditions on the time-dependent coefficient (Theorem 2.1, Section 2), for the power fractional exponent of the Laplace operator $(-\Delta)^\theta$, in the damping term, $\theta \in [0,1]$. For the special time-dependent coefficient $b(t)=\mu (1+t)^{\alpha}$, $\alpha \in (0,1]$, we get optimal decay rates (Theorem 3.1, Section 3).
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 35B40; Secondary: 35L30, 35B35, 74K20.


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