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Spectral properties of renormalization for area-preserving maps

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  • Area-preserving maps have been observed to undergo a universal period-doubling cascade, analogous to the famous Feigenbaum-Coullet-Tresser period doubling cascade in one-dimensional dynamics. A renormalization approach has been used by Eckmann, Koch and Wittwer in a computer-assisted proof of existence of a conservative renormalization fixed point.
        Furthermore, it has been shown by Gaidashev, Johnson and Martens that infinitely renormalizable maps in a neighborhood of this fixed point admit invariant Cantor sets with vanishing Lyapunov exponents on which dynamics for any two maps is smoothly conjugate.
        This rigidity is a consequence of an interplay between the decay of geometry and the convergence rate of renormalization towards the fixed point.
        In this paper we prove a result which is crucial for a demonstration of rigidity: that an upper bound on this convergence rate of renormalizations of infinitely renormalizable maps is sufficiently small.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: 37E20, 37E40.


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