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Ergodic geometry for non-elementary rank one manifolds

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  • Let $X$ be a Hadamard manifold, and $\Gamma\subset Is(X)$ a non-elementary discrete subgroup of isometries of $X$ which contains a rank one isometry. We relate the ergodic theory of the geodesic flow of the quotient orbifold $M=X/\Gamma$ to the behavior of the Poincaré series of $\Gamma$. Precisely, the aim of this paper is to extend the so-called theorem of Hopf-Tsuji-Sullivan -- well-known for manifolds of pinched negative curvature -- to the framework of rank one orbifolds. Moreover, we derive some important properties for $\Gamma$-invariant conformal densities supported on the geometric limit set of $\Gamma$.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 37D40, 28D20; Secondary: 37D25, 20F67.


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