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Multiple solutions with constant sign of a Dirichlet problem for a class of elliptic systems with variable exponent growth

  • *Corresponding author: Jinghua Yao

    *Corresponding author: Jinghua Yao 
This research is partly supported by the key projects in Science and Technology Research of the Henan Education Department (14A110011).
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  • We investigate the followingDirichlet problem with variable exponents:

    $\left\{ \begin{align} &-{{\vartriangle }_{p(x)}}u=\lambda \alpha (x)|u{{\text{ }\!\!|\!\!\text{ }}^{\alpha (x)-2}}u|v{{\text{ }\!\!|\!\!\text{ }}^{\beta (x)}}+{{F}_{u}}(x,u,v),\text{ in }\Omega , \\ &-{{\vartriangle }_{q(x)}}v=\lambda \beta (x)\text{ }\!\!|\!\!\text{ }u{{|}^{\alpha \left( x \right)}}|v{{|}^{\beta (x)\text{-2}}}v+{{F}_{v}}(x,u,v),\text{ in}\ \Omega , \\ &u=0=v,\text{ on }\partial \Omega \text{.} \\ \end{align} \right.$

    We present here, in the system setting, a new set of growth conditions under which we manage to use a novel method to verify the Cerami compactness condition. By localization argument, decomposition technique and variational methods, we are able to show the existence of multiple solutions with constant sign for the problem without the well-knownAmbrosetti-Rabinowitz type growth condition. More precisely, we manage to show that the problem admitsfour, six and infinitely many solutions respectively.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary:35J20, 35J25;Secondary:35J60.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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