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Sign-changing tower of bubbles for a sinh-Poisson equation with asymmetric exponents

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  • Motivated by the statistical mechanics description of stationary 2D-turbulence, for a sinh-Poisson type equation with asymmetric nonlinearity, we construct a concentrating solution sequence in the form of a tower of singular Liouville bubbles, each of which has a different degeneracy exponent. The asymmetry parameter $γ∈(0, 1]$ corresponds to the ratio between the intensity of the negatively rotating vortices and the intensity of the positively rotating vortices. Our solutions correspond to a superposition of highly concentrated vortex configurations of alternating orientation; they extend in a nontrivial way some known results for $\gamma=1$. Thus, by analyzing the case $\gamma≠1$ we emphasize specific properties of the physically relevant parameter $\gamma$ in the vortex concentration phenomena.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 35J91, 35A01, 35B44, 35B30.


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