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Non-formally integrable centers admitting an algebraic inverse integrating factor

  • * Corresponding author: Manuel Reyes

    * Corresponding author: Manuel Reyes
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  • We study the existence of a class of inverse integrating factor for a family of non-formally integrable systems whose lowest-degree quasi-homogeneous term is a Hamiltonian vector field. Once the existence of an inverse integrating factor is established, we study the systems having a center. Among others, we characterize the centers of the perturbations of the system $ -y^3\partial_x+x^3\partial_y$ having an algebraic inverse integrating factor.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 34C05, 34C14, 34C20.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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  • Table 1.  Range and co-range of operator $\ell_{j} $ for the system (8).

    If $a\ne 0,$ Cor($\ell_{2}$)=span{$xy$}. If $a=0$, Cor($\ell_{2}$)=span{$x^2$}.
    Range($\ell_{4}$)=span{$3bx^4+9x^2y^2,-9ax^4-6bx^3y+6xh,$ $ -9ax^3y-6bx^2y^2+3yh$}.
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    Table 2.  Range and co-range of operator $\ell_{j} $ for the system (15)

    Range($\ell_{6}$)=span{$0$}, Cor($\ell_{6}$)=span{$x^2$}
    Range($\ell_{7}$)=span{$0$}, Cor($\ell_{7}$)=span{$xy$}
    Range($\ell_{8}$)=span{$y^2$}, Cor($\ell_{8}$)=span{$0$}
    Range($\ell_{9}$)=span{$x^3$}, Cor($\ell_{9}$)=span{$0$}
    Range($\ell_{10}$)=span{$0$}, Cor($\ell_{10}$)=span{$x^2y$}
    Range($\ell_{11}$)=span{$xy^2$}, Cor($\ell_{11}$)=span{$0$}
    Range($\ell_{12}$)=span{$7x^4-12h$}, Cor($\ell_{12}$)=span{$h$}
    Range($\ell_{13}$)=span{$x^3y$}, Cor($\ell_{13}$)={$0$}
    Range($\ell_{14}$)=span{$x^2y^2$}, Cor($\ell_{14}$)={$0$}
    Range($\ell_{15}$)=span{$x^3-6xh$}, Cor($\ell_{15}$)=span{$xh$}
    Range($\ell_{16}$)=span{$11x^4y-12yh$}, Cor($\ell_{16}$)=span{$yh$}
    Range($\ell_{17}$)=span{$x^3y^2$}, Cor($\ell_{17}$)={$0$}
    Range($\ell_{18}$)=span{$13x^6-36x^2h$}, Cor($\ell_{18}$)=span{$x^2h$}
    Range($\ell_{19}$)=span{$7x^5-12xyh$}, Cor($\ell_{19}$)=span{$xyh$}
    Range($\ell_{22}$)=span{$17x^6y-9x^2yh$}, Cor($\ell_{22}$)=span{$x^2yh$}
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    Table 3.  Range and co-range of operator $\ell_{j} $ for the system (21).

    Range($\ell_{6}$)=span{$x^3y^3,x^6+3x^2h,x^5y+2xyh, x^4y^2+y^2h$}.
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