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Dichotomy spectrum and almost topological conjugacy on nonautonomus unbounded difference systems

  • * Corresponding author: Gonzalo Robledo

    * Corresponding author: Gonzalo Robledo
This research has been partially supported by MATHAMSUD cooperation program (16-MATH-04 STADE) and FONDECYT Regular 1170968
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  • We construct a bijection between the solutions of a linear system of nonautonomous difference equations which is uniformly asymptotically stable and its unbounded perturbation. The key idea used to made this bijection is to consider the crossing times of the solutions with the unit sphere. This approach prompt us to introduce the concept of almost topological conjugacy in this nonautonomous framework. This task is carried out by simplifying both systems through a spectral approach of the notion of almost reducibility combined with suitable technical assumptions.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 34D09, 37C60; Secondary: 39A06.


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