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The existence of two non-contractible closed geodesics on every bumpy Finsler compact space form

1 Partially supported by NSFC (Nos. 11401555, 11771341), Anhui Provincial Natural Science Foundation (No. 1608085QA01)
2 Partially supported by NSFC (Nos. 11131004, 11671215 and 11790271), MCME and LPMC of MOE of China, Nankai University and BAICIT of Capital Normal University
3 Corresponding author: Yuming Xiao. Supported by the Sichuan Science and Technology Program (No. 2018JY0140)

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  • Let $M = S^n/ Γ$ and $h$ be a nontrivial element of finite order $p$ in $π_1(M)$, where the integer $n≥2$, $Γ$ is a finite group which acts freely and isometrically on the $n$-sphere and therefore $M$ is diffeomorphic to a compact space form. In this paper, we establish first the resonance identity for non-contractible homologically visible minimal closed geodesics of the class $[h]$ on every Finsler compact space form $(M, F)$ when there exist only finitely many distinct non-contractible closed geodesics of the class $[h]$ on $(M, F)$. Then as an application of this resonance identity, we prove the existence of at least two distinct non-contractible closed geodesics of the class $[h]$ on $(M, F)$ with a bumpy Finsler metric, which improves a result of Taimanov in [39] by removing some additional conditions. Also our results extend the resonance identity and multiplicity results on $\mathbb{R}P^n$ in [25] to general compact space forms.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 53C22, 58E05, 58E10.


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