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Scattering of radial data in the focusing NLS and generalized Hartree equations

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  • We consider the focusing nonlinear Schrödinger equation $ i u_t + \Delta u + |u|^{p-1}u = 0 $, $ p>1, $ and the generalized Hartree equation $ iv_t + \Delta v + (|x|^{-(N-\gamma)}\ast |v|^p)|v|^{p-2}u = 0 $, $ p\geq2 $, $ \gamma<N $, in the mass-supercritical and energy-subcritical setting. With the initial data $ u_0\in H^1( \mathbb R^N) $ the characterization of solutions behavior under the mass-energy threshold is known for the NLS case from the works of Holmer and Roudenko in the radial [15] and Duyckaerts, Holmer and Roudenko in the nonradial setting [10] and further generalizations (see [1,11,13]); for the generalized Hartree case it is developed in [2]. In particular, scattering is proved following the road map developed by Kenig and Merle [16], using the concentration compactness and rigidity approach, which is now standard in the dispersive problems.

    In this work we give an alternative proof of scattering for both NLS and gHartree equations in the radial setting in the inter-critical regime, following the approach of Dodson and Murphy [8] for the focusing 3d cubic NLS equation, which relies on the scattering criterion of Tao [26], combined with the radial Sobolev and Morawetz-type estimates. We first generalize it in the NLS case, and then extend it to the nonlocal Hartree-type potential. This method provides a simplified way to prove scattering, which may be useful in other contexts.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 35Q55, 35Q40; Secondary: 37K40, 37K05.


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