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On the uniqueness of bound state solutions of a semilinear equation with weights

This research was supported by FONDECYT-1190102 for the first and second author, FONDECYT-1160540 for the second author and FONDECYT-1170665 for third author

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  • We consider radial solutions of a general elliptic equation involving a weighted Laplace operator. We establish the uniqueness of the radial bound state solutions to

    $ \mbox{div}\big(\mathsf A\, \nabla v\big)+\mathsf B\, f(v) = 0\, , \quad\lim\limits_{|x|\to+\infty}v(x) = 0, \quad x\in\mathbb R^n, ~~~~{(P)} $

    $ n>2 $, where $ \mathsf A $ and $ \mathsf B $ are two positive, radial, smooth functions defined on $ \mathbb R^n\setminus\{0\} $. We assume that the nonlinearity $ f\in C(-c, c) $, $ 0<c\le\infty $ is an odd function satisfying some convexity and growth conditions, and has a zero at $ b>0 $, is non positive and not identically 0 in $ (0, b) $, positive in $ (b, c) $, and is differentiable in $ (0, c) $.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 35J61, 35A02.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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