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Dynamics of bone cell signaling and PTH treatments of osteoporosis

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  • In this paper we analyze and generalize the dynamical system introduced by Lemaire and co-workers [14] as a model of cell signaling in bone remodeling. We show that for large classes of parameter values, including the physically-realistic baseline values, the system has a unique physically relevant equilibrium which is a global attractor. We generalize that model, minimally, to incorporate a mechanism by which parathyroid hormone (PTH) retards osteoblast apoptosis. We show that with this mechanism, which is a simplified version of that proposed by Bellido and co-workers [4], the model exhibits a well-known phenomenon that has puzzled researchers: the system responds catabolically to the continuous administration of PTH and ally to appropriately pulsed administration of PTH.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 34D23, 37C75; Secondary: 92C45, 92C50.


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