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Shape stability of optimal control problems in coefficients for coupled system of Hammerstein type

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  • In this paper we consider an optimal control problem (OCP) for the coupled system of a nonlinear monotone Dirichlet problem with matrix-valued $L^\infty(\Omega;\mathbb{R}^{N\times N} )$-controls in coefficients and a nonlinear equation of Hammerstein type. Since problems of this type have no solutions in general, we make a special assumption on the coefficients of the state equation and introduce the class of so-called solenoidal admissible controls. Using the direct method in calculus of variations, we prove the existence of an optimal control. We also study the stability of the optimal control problem with respect to the domain perturbation. In particular, we derive the sufficient conditions of the Mosco-stability for the given class of OCPs.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 49J20, 35J57; Secondary: 49J45, 93C73.


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