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Semigroup well-posedness of a linearized, compressible fluid with an elastic boundary

  • * Corresponding author:Justin T. Webster

    * Corresponding author:Justin T. Webster

In memory of Igor D. Chueshov

The research of G. Avalos was partially supported by the NSF Grants DMS-1211232 and DMS-1616425. The research of J.T. Webster was partially supported by the NSF Grant DMS-1504697
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  • We address semigroup well-posedness of the fluid-structure interaction of a linearized compressible, viscous fluid and an elastic plate (in the absence of rotational inertia). Unlike existing work in the literature, we linearize the compressible Navier-Stokes equations about an arbitrary state (assuming the fluid is barotropic), and so the fluid PDE component of the interaction will generally include a nontrivial ambient flow profile $\mathbf{U}$. The appearance of this term introduces new challenges at the level of the stationary problem. In addition, the boundary of the fluid domain is unavoidably Lipschitz, and so the well-posedness argument takes into account the technical issues associated with obtaining necessary boundary trace and elliptic regularity estimates. Much of the previous work on flow-plate models was done via Galerkin-type constructions after obtaining good a priori estimates on solutions (specifically [18]-the work most pertinent to ours here); in contrast, we adopt here a Lumer-Phillips approach, with a view of associating solutions of the fluid-structure dynamics with a $C_{0}$-semigroup ${{\left\{ {{e}^{\mathcal{A}t}} \right\}}_{t\ge 0}}$ on the natural finite energy space of initial data. So, given this approach, the major challenge in our work becomes establishing the maximality of the operator $\mathcal{A}$ that models the fluid-structure dynamics. In sum: our main result is semigroup well-posedness for the fully coupled fluid-structure dynamics, under the assumption that the ambient flow field $ \mathbf{U}∈ \mathbf{H}^{3}(\mathcal{O})$ has zero normal component trace on the boundary (a standard assumption with respect to the literature). In the final sections we address well-posedness of the system in the presence of the von Karman plate nonlinearity, as well as the stationary problem associated to the dynamics.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 34A12, 74F10; Secondary: 35Q35, 76N10.


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  • Figure 1.  The Fluid-Structure Geometry

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