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On the backward uniqueness of the stochastic primitive equations with additive noise

  • * Corresponding author: Guoli Zhou

    * Corresponding author: Guoli Zhou
The second author is supported by NSF NNSF of China(Grant No. 11401057), Natural Science Foundation Project of CQ (Grant No. cstc2016jcyjA0326), Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities(Grant No. 2018CDXYST0024, ) and China Scholarship Council (Grant No.201506055003).
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  • The previous works focus on the uniqueness for the initial-value problems of stochastic primitive equations. Uniqueness for the initial-value problems means that if the two initial conditions are the same, then the two solutions coincide with each other. However there is no work to answer what will happen to the solutions if the two initial conditions are different. This problem for the stochastic three dimensional primitive equations is addressed by the backward uniqueness established in this article. The backward uniqueness means that if two solutions intersect at time $t>0, $ then they are equal everywhere on the interval $(0, t).$ In other words, given two different initial-value conditions, the corresponding two solutions will never cross in the future. Hence this article can be viewed as a further study of the dependence of the solutions on the initial data.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 35Q35, 60H15; Secondary: 86A10.


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