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Energy equality for weak solutions to the 3D magnetohydrodynamic equations in a bounded domain

  • * Corresponding author: Bijun Zuo

    * Corresponding author: Bijun Zuo
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  • In this paper, we study the energy equality for weak solutions to the 3D homogeneous incompressible magnetohydrodynamic equations with viscosity and magnetic diffusion in a bounded domain. Two types of regularity conditions are imposed on weak solutions to ensure the energy equality. For the first type, some global integrability condition for the velocity $ \mathbf u $ is required, while for the magnetic field $ \mathbf b $ and the magnetic pressure $ \pi $, some suitable integrability conditions near the boundary are sufficient. In contrast with the first type, the second type claims that if some additional interior integrability is imposed on $ \mathbf b $, then the regularity on $ \mathbf u $ can be relaxed.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 76W05, 35D30, 35Q35.


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