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Hartman and Nirenberg type results for systems of delay differential equations under $ (\omega,Q) $-periodic conditions

  • * Corresponding author: Pablo Amster

    * Corresponding author: Pablo Amster 

The first two authors were partially supported by projects 20020190100039BA UBACyT and PIP 11220130100006CO CONICET. The third author was supported by project Fondecyt 1170466

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  • We consider the $ (\omega,Q) $-periodic problem for a system of delay differential equations, where $ Q $ is an invertible matrix. Existence and multiplicity of solutions is proven under different conditions that extend well-known results for the periodic case $ Q = I $ and anti-periodic case $ Q = -I $. In particular, the results apply to biological models with mixed terms of Nicholson, Lasota or Mackey type, and also vectorial versions of Nicholson or Mackey-Glass models.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 34K10; Secondary: 37C27.


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