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A geological delayed response model for stratigraphic reconstructions

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  • We are interested by a nonlinear single lithology diffusion model adapted from ideas originally developed by the Institut Français du Pétrole (IFP). The geological stratigraphic modeling has to describe transports of sediments, erosion and sedimentation processes by taking into account a limited weathering condition; the method by which the history of a sedimentary basin is revealed relies on knowledge of both initial and final data and can be generalized to multiple lithology. For this purpose, we introduce a relaxation time related to a delayed response for establishing equilibrium states; this approach introduces regularizing effects according to the ideas of G.I. Barenblatt - S. Sobolev and J.-L. Lions - O. A. Oleinik. New well-posedness results are presented.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: 35K65, 35L80, 35Q35, 93A30.


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