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A multiscale finite element method for Neumann problems in porous microstructures

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  • In this paper we develop and analyze a Multiscale Finite Element Method (MsFEM) for problems in porous microstructures. By solving local problems throughout the domain we are able to construct a multiscale basis that can be computed in parallel and used on the coarse-grid. Since we are concerned with solving Neumann problems, the spaces of interest are conforming spaces as opposed to recent work for the Dirichlet problem in porous domains that utilizes a non-conforming framework. The periodic perforated homogenization of the problem is presented along with corrector and boundary correction estimates. These periodic estimates are then used to analyze the error in the method with respect to scale and coarse-grid size. An MsFEM error similar to the case of oscillatory coefficients is proven. A critical technical issue is the estimation of Poincaré constants in perforated domains. This issue is also addressed for a few interesting examples. Finally, numerical examples are presented to confirm our error analysis. This is done in the setting of coarse-grids not intersecting and intersecting the microstructure in the setting of isolated perforations.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: 65N30, 76S05, 74Q05.


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