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On a new fractional Sobolev space and applications to nonlocal variational problems with variable exponent

  • * Corresponding author: Vicent¸iu D. Rădulescu

    * Corresponding author: Vicent¸iu D. Rădulescu
The second author is supported by a grant of the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation, CNCS-UEFISCDI, project number PN-Ⅲ-P4-ID-PCE-2016-0130.
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  • The content of this paper is at the interplay between function spaces $L^{p(x)}$ and $W^{k, p(x)}$ with variable exponents and fractional Sobolev spaces $W^{s, p}$. We are concerned with some qualitative properties of the fractional Sobolev space $W^{s, q(x), p(x, y)}$, where $q$ and $p$ are variable exponents and $s∈ (0, 1)$. We also study a related nonlocal operator, which is a fractional version of the nonhomogeneous $p(x)$-Laplace operator. The abstract results established in this paper are applied in the variational analysis of a class of nonlocal fractional problems with several variable exponents.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 35J60; Secondary: 35J91, 35S30, 46E35, 58E30.


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