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High-order solvers for space-fractional differential equations with Riesz derivative

The research contained in this report is supported by South African National Research Foundation

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  • This paper proposes the computational approach for fractional-in-space reaction-diffusion equation, which is obtained by replacing the space second-order derivative in classical reaction-diffusion equation with the Riesz fractional derivative of order $ α $ in $ (0, 2] $. The proposed numerical scheme for space fractional reaction-diffusion equations is based on the finite difference and Fourier spectral approximation methods. The paper utilizes a range of higher-order time stepping solvers which exhibit third-order accuracy in the time domain and spectral accuracy in the spatial domain to solve some fractional-in-space reaction-diffusion equations. The numerical experiment shows that the third-order ETD3RK scheme outshines its third-order counterparts, taking into account the computational time and accuracy. Applicability of the proposed methods is further tested with a higher dimensional system. Numerical simulation results show that pattern formation process in the classical sense is the same as in fractional scenarios.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 34A34, 35A05, 35K57; Secondary: 65L05, 65M06, 93C10.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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  • Figure 1.  Stability regions of (a) ETD3RK, (b) IMEX3PC with choice $(\mu, \psi, \eta) = (1, 0, 0)$

    Figure 2.  Convergence results of different schemes for one-dimensional problem (1) at (a) $t = 0.1$ and (b) $t = 2.0$ for $\alpha = 1.45$, $d = 8$. Simulation runs for $N = 200$

    Figure 3.  Solution of the fractional chemical system (42) in two-dimensions for subdiffusive (upper-row) and supperdiffusive (lower-row) scenarios. The parameters used are: $D = 0.39, d = 4, \varpi = 0.79, \beta = -0.91, \tau_2 = 0.278$ and $\tau_3 = 0.1$ at $t = 2$ for $N = 200$

    Figure 4.  Superdiffusive distribution of chemical system (42) mitotic patterns in two dimensions at some instances of $\alpha$ with initial conditions: $u_0 = 1-\exp(-10(x-0.5)^2+(y-0.5)^2), \;\;v_0 = \exp(-10(x-0.5)^2+2(y-0.5)^2)$. Other parameters are given in Figure 3 caption

    Figure 5.  Three dimensional results of system (42) showing the species evolution at subdiffusive ($\alpha = 0.35$) and superdiffusive ($\alpha = 1.91$) cases for $\tau_3 = 0.21$, $N = 50$ and final time $t = 5$. Other parameters are given in Figure 3 caption

    Figure 6.  Three dimensional results for system (42) at different instances of fractional power $\alpha$, with $\tau_3 = 0.26$ and final time $t = 5$. The first and second columns correspond to subdiffusive and superdiffusive cases. Other parameters are given in Figure 3 caption

    Table 1.  The maximum norm error and timing results for solving equation (1) in one-dimensional space with the exact solution and source term (40) using the FDM and FSM in conjunction with the IMEX3RK scheme at some instances of fractional power $\alpha$ in sub- and supper-diffusive scenarios for $t = 1$, $d = 0.5$ and $N = 200$

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    Table 2.  The maximum norm errors for two dimensional problem (1) with exact solution and local source term (41) obtained with different scheme at some instances of fractional power $\alpha$ and $N$ at final time $t = 1.5$ and $d = 10$

    Method$N$$0<\alpha<1$ $1<\alpha< 2$
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