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MHD natural convection boundary-layer flow over a semi-infinite heated plate with arbitrary inclination

  • * Corresponding author: Khurram Shabbir

    * Corresponding author: Khurram Shabbir 
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  • The aim of this article is to study the natural convection boundary-layer flow over a semi-infinite heated plate with arbitrary inclination. Existing solutions of similar models can be recovered as the limiting cases of horizontal and vertical plates from our generalized problem. Moreover, porous effects and the influence of transverse magnetic field; fixed to the fluid or the plate are accounted. The dimensionless velocity, in conjunction with the corresponding skin friction, have been presented as the sum of mechanical, thermal and concentration components. Furthermore, the contribution of the system parameters to the fluid motion in question has been depicted graphically. The novelty of the present study is to analyze the effect of angle of inclination of the plate and the case when the magnetic field is fixed relative to the fluid or to the plate on the fluid motion.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 26A33, 76F10; Secondary: 76A05, 65R10.


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