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Controllability analysis of nonlinear fractional order differential systems with state delay and non-instantaneous impulsive effects

  • * Corresponding author

    * Corresponding author
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  • This manuscript prospects the controllability analysis of non-instantaneous impulsive Volterra type fractional differential systems with state delay. By enroling an appropriate Grammian matrix with the assistance of Laplace transform, the conditions to obtain the necessary and sufficiency for the controllability of non-instantaneous impulsive Volterra-type fractional differential equations are derived using algebraic approach and Cayley-Hamilton theorem. A distinctive approach presents in the manuscript, i have taken non-instantaneous impulses into the fractional order dynamical system with state delay and studied the controllability analysis, since this not exists in the available source of literature. Inclusively, i have provided two illustrative examples with the existence of non-instantaneous impulse into the fractional dynamical system. So this demonstrates the validity and efficacy of our obtained criteria of the main section.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 93B05, 34A08.


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