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Global weak solutions for an newtonian fluid interacting with a Koiter type shell under natural boundary conditions

  • * Corresponding author: Michael Růžička

    * Corresponding author: Michael Růžička
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  • We consider a viscous, incompressible Newtonian fluid flowing through a thin elastic (non-cylindrical) structure. The motion of the structure is described by the equations of a linearised Koiter shell, whose motion is restricted to transverse displacements. The fluid and the structure are coupled by the continuity of velocities and an equilibrium of surface forces on the interface between fluid and structure. On a fixed in- and outflow region we prescribe natural boundary conditions. We show that weak solutions exist as long as the shell does not self-intersect.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 76D05, 74F10.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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  • Figure 1.  Reference domain $ \Omega $ with in- and outflow region $ \Gamma $ and moving boundary $ M $

    Figure 2.  Notations for admissible in- and outflow domains and moving domains

    Figure 3.  Extension of the fluid domain

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