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More new results on integral inequalities for generalized $ \mathcal{K} $-fractional conformable Integral operators

  • * Corresponding author: Saima Rashid

    * Corresponding author: Saima Rashid 
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  • This paper aims to investigate the several generalizations by newly proposed generalized $ \mathcal{K} $-fractional conformable integral operator. Based on these novel ideas, we derived a novel framework to study for $ \breve{C} $eby$ \breve{s} $ev and P$ \acute{o} $lya-Szeg$ \ddot{o} $ type inequalities by generalized $ \mathcal{K} $-fractional conformable integral operator. Several special cases are apprehended in the light of generalized fractional conformable integral. This novel strategy captures several existing results in the relative literature. We also aim at showing important connections of the results here with those including Riemann-Liouville fractional integral operator.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 26D10; 26D15; 26A33.


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