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On the viscoelastic coupled suspension bridge

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  • In this paper we discuss the asymptotic behavior of a doubly nonlinear problem describing the vibrations of a coupled suspension bridge. The single-span road-bed is modeled as an extensible viscoelastic beam which is simply supported at the ends. The main cable is modeled by a viscoelastic string and is connected to the road-bed by a distributed system of one-sided elastic springs. A constant axial force $p$ is applied at one end of the deck, and time-independent vertical loads are allowed to act both on the road-bed and on the suspension cable. For this general model we obtain original results, including the existence of a regular global attractor for all $p\in\mathbb{R}$.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 35B41, 35Q74; Secondary: 74D05, 74H40.


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