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Quasi-stability and exponential attractors for a non-gradient system---applications to piston-theoretic plates with internal damping

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  • We consider a nonlinear (Berger or Von Karman) clamped plate model with a piston-theoretic right hand side---which includes non-dissipative, non-conservative lower order terms. The model arises in aeroelasticity when a panel is immersed in a high velocity linear potential flow; in this case the effect of the flow can be captured by a dynamic pressure term written in terms of the material derivative of the plate's displacement. The effect of fully-supported internal damping is studied for both Berger and von Karman dynamics. The non-dissipative nature of the dynamics preclude the use of strong tools such as backward-in-time smallness of velocities and finiteness of the dissipation integral. Modern quasi-stability techniques are utilized to show the existence of compact global attractors and generalized fractal exponential attractors. Specific results here depend on the size of the damping parameter and the nonlinearity in force. For the Berger plate, in the presence of large damping, the existence of a proper global attractor (whose fractal dimension is finite in the state space) is shown via a decomposition of the nonlinear dynamics. This leads to the construction of a compact set upon which quasi-stability theory can be implemented. Numerical investigations for appropriate 1-D models are presented which explore and support the abstract results presented herein.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 35B41, 74H40; Secondary: 74B20, 35, 93.


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