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BV solutions of a convex sweeping process with a composed perturbation


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  • A measurable sweeping process with a composed perturbation is considered in a separable Hilbert space. The values of the moving set generating the sweeping process are closed, convex sets. The retraction of the sweeping process is bounded by a positive Radon measure. The perturbation is the sum of two multivalued mappings. The values of the first one are closed, bounded, not necessarily convex sets. It is measurable in the time variable, is Lipschitz continuous in the phase variable, and satisfies a conventional growth condition. The values of the second one are closed, convex, not necessarily bounded sets. We assume that this mapping has a closed with respect to the phase variable graph.

    The remaining assumptions concern the intersection of the second mapping and the multivalued mapping defined by the growth conditions. We suppose that this intersection has a measurable selector and has certain compactness properties.

    We prove the existence of solutions for our inclusion. The proof is based on the author's theorem on continuous with respect to a parameter selectors passing through fixed points of contraction multivalued maps with closed, nonconvex, decomposable values depending on the parameter, and the classical Ky Fan fixed point theorem. The results which we obtain are new.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 49J27; Secondary: 28B20, 49J53.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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