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An inverse theorem for the Gowers $U^{s+1}[N]$-norm

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  • This is an announcement of the proof of the inverse conjecture for the Gowers $U^{s+1}[N]$-norm for all $s \geq 3$; this is new for $s \geq 4$, the cases $s = 1,2,3$ having been previously established. More precisely we outline a proof that if $f : [N] \rightarrow [-1,1]$ is a function with ||$f$|| $U^{s+1}[N] \geq \delta$ then there is a bounded-complexity $s$-step nilsequence $F(g(n)\Gamma)$ which correlates with $f$, where the bounds on the complexity and correlation depend only on $s$ and $\delta$. From previous results, this conjecture implies the Hardy-Littlewood prime tuples conjecture for any linear system of finite complexity. In particular, one obtains an asymptotic formula for the number of $k$-term arithmetic progressions $p_1 < p_2 < ... < p_k \leq N$ of primes, for every $k \geq 3$.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 11B99.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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