November  2008, 2(4): 577-586. doi: 10.3934/ipi.2008.2.577

Stationary waves method for inverse scattering problems


Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Helsinki, P.O. Box 68, FI-00014, Finland

Received  July 2008 Revised  August 2008 Published  November 2008

We present a constructive algorithm, the stationary waves method, to get approximative reconstructions in the inverse scattering problems. The method is a version of the singular sources/probe method but the singular fields are replaced with the stationary waves. The suggested indicator function compromises in getting exactly the obstacle, but it is very easy and fast to compute, robust with noise, and seems to give excellent reconstruction images. The method is introduced in the context of the acoustic inverse obstacle scattering problems.
Citation: Simopekka Vänskä. Stationary waves method for inverse scattering problems. Inverse Problems and Imaging, 2008, 2 (4) : 577-586. doi: 10.3934/ipi.2008.2.577

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