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Solving an inverse problem for the wave equation by using a minimization algorithm and time-reversed measurements

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  • We consider the inverse problem for the wave equation on a compact Riemannian manifold or on a bounded domain of $\mathbb{R}^n$, and generalize the concept of domain of influence. We present an efficient minimization algorithm to compute the volume of a domain of influence using boundary measurements and time-reversed boundary measurements. Moreover, we show that if the manifold is simple, then the volumes of the domains of influence determine the manifold. For a continuous real valued function $\tau$ on the boundary of the manifold, the domain of influence is the set of those points on the manifold from which the travel time to some boundary point $y$ is less than $\tau(y)$.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 35R30.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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