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The Gaussian beam method for the wigner equation with discontinuous potentials

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  • For the Wigner equation with discontinuous potentials, a phase space Gaussian beam (PSGB) summation method is proposed in this paper. We first derive the equations satisfied by the parameters for PSGBs and establish the relations for parameters of the Gaussian beams between the physical space (GBs) and the phase space, which motivates an efficient initial data preparation thus a reduced computational cost than previous method in the literature. The method consists of three steps: 1) Decompose the initial value of the wave function into the sum of GBs and use the parameter relations to prepare the initial values of PSGBs; 2) Solve the evolution equations for each PSGB; 3) Sum all the PSGBs to construct the approximate solution of the Wigner equation. Additionally, in order to connect PSGBs at the discontinuous points of the potential, we provide interface conditions for a single phase space Gaussian beam. Numerical examples are given to verify the validity and accuracy of method.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 65M75, 81Q20, 35Q41; Secondary: 65Z05, 34E05.


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