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A fast modified Newton's method for curvature based denoising of 1D signals

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  • We propose a novel fast numerical method for denoising of 1D signals based on curvature minimization. Motivated by the primal-dual formulation for total variation minimization introduced by Chan, Golub, and Mulet, the proposed method makes use of some auxiliary variables to reformulate the stiff terms presented in the Euler-Lagrange equation which is a fourth-order differential equation. A direct application of Newton's method to the resulting system of equations often fails to converge. We propose a modified Newton's iteration which exhibits local superlinear convergence and global convergence in practical settings. The method is much faster than other existing methods for the model. Unlike all other existing methods, it also does not require tuning any additional parameter besides the model parameter. Numerical experiments are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 68U10, 49M15; Secondary: 94A12.


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