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A stable method solving the total variation dictionary model with $L^\infty$ constraints

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  • Image restoration plays an important role in image processing, and numerous approaches have been proposed to tackle this problem. This paper presents a modified model for image restoration, that is based on a combination of Total Variation and Dictionary approaches. Since the well-known TV regularization is non-differentiable, the proposed method utilizes its dual formulation instead of its approximation in order to exactly preserve its properties. The data-fidelity term combines the one commonly used in image restoration and a wavelet thresholding based term. Then, the resulting optimization problem is solved via a first-order primal-dual algorithm. Numerical experiments demonstrate the good performance of the proposed model. In a last variant, we replace the classical TV by the nonlocal TV regularization, which results in a much higher quality of restoration.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: 52A41, 65F22, 65K10, 65K05, 68U10, 90C25, 90C47.


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