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Local block operators and TV regularization based image inpainting

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  • In this paper, we propose a novel image blocks based inpainting model using group sparsity and TV regularization. The block matching method is employed to collect similar image blocks which can be formed as sparse image groups. By reducing the redundant information in these groups, we can well restore textures missing in the inpainting areas. We built a variational framework based on a local SVD operator for block matching and group sparsity. In addition, TV regularization is naturally integrated in the model to reduce artificial effects which are caused by image blocks stacking in the block matching method. Besides, enforcing the sparsity of the representation, the SVD operators in our method are iteratively updated and play the role of dictionary learning. Thus it can greatly improve the quality of the restoration. Moreover, we mathematically show the existence of a minimizer for the proposed inpainting model. Convergence results of the proposed algorithm are also given in the paper. Numerical experiments demonstrate that the proposed model outperforms many benchmark methods such as BM3D based image inpainting.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 94A08; Secondary: 68U10.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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  • Figure 1.  Filling in the missing pixels by different inpainting method

    Figure 2.  Comparison of details between different inpainting methods

    Figure 3.  Scratch and text removal by different inpainting methods

    Figure 4.  Comparison of details between different inpainting methods

    Figure 5.  The relative error curves as functions of the iteration number on our experiments for the proposed-$\ell_1$ method

    Figure 6.  The relative error curves as functions of the iteration number on our experiments for the proposed-$\ell_0$ method

    Table 1.  PSNR values of the different methods on filling randomly missing pixels

    Image CTM Cubic BPFA IDI-BM3D Proposed-$\ell_1$ Proposed-$\ell_0$
    Monarch 23.01 24.18 24.49 26.63 25.15 27.25
    Lena 27.21 27.40 28.32 29.63 28.50 29.98
    Barbara 25.65 26.24 27.08 28.62 27.59 29.69
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    Table 2.  PSNR values of different inpainting methods on text and scratch removal

    Image Cubic TV BPFA IDI-BM3D Proposed-$\ell_1$ Proposed-$\ell_0$
    Barbara 33.25 34.58 37.28 40.16 38.26 40.98
    Hill 33.30 33.44 33.84 35.38 34.54 35.61
    Baboon 35.87 35.86 35.39 37.77 36.80 38.03
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