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Stability estimates in a partial data inverse boundary value problem for biharmonic operators at high frequencies

  • *Corresponding author: Boya Liu

    *Corresponding author: Boya Liu
The research is partially supported by the National Science Foundation (DMS 1815922)
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  • We study the inverse boundary value problems of determining a potential in the Helmholtz type equation for the perturbed biharmonic operator from the knowledge of the partial Cauchy data set. Our geometric setting is that of a domain whose inaccessible portion of the boundary is contained in a hyperplane, and we are given the Cauchy data set on the complement. The uniqueness and logarithmic stability for this problem were established in [37] and [7], respectively. We establish stability estimates in the high frequency regime, with an explicit dependence on the frequency parameter, under mild regularity assumptions on the potentials, sharpening those of [7].

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 35R30, 35J40.


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