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A note on transmission eigenvalues in electromagnetic scattering theory

The author F. Cakoni is supported in part by the AFOSR Grant FA9550-20-1-0024 and NSF Grant DMS-1813492

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  • This short note was motivated by our efforts to investigate whether there exists a half plane free of transmission eigenvalues for Maxwell's equations. This question is related to solvability of the time domain interior transmission problem which plays a fundamental role in the justification of linear sampling and factorization methods with time dependent data. Our original goal was to adapt semiclassical analysis techniques developed in [21,23] to prove that for some combination of electromagnetic parameters, the transmission eigenvalues lie in a strip around the real axis. Unfortunately we failed. To try to understand why, we looked at the particular example of spherically symmetric media, which provided us with some insight on why we couldn't prove the above result. Hence this paper reports our findings on the location of all transmission eigenvalues and the existence of complex transmission eigenvalues for Maxwell's equations for spherically stratified media. We hope that these results can provide reasonable conjectures for general electromagnetic media.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 35Q61, 35P25, 35P20; Secondary: 35R30, 78A46.


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