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Nonlinear constraints in nonholonomic mechanics

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  • In this paper we have obtained some dynamics equations, in the presence of nonlinear nonholonomic constraints and according to a lagrangian and some Chetaev-like conditions. Using some natural regular conditions, a simple form of these equations is given. In the particular cases of linear and affine constraints, one recovers the classical equations in the forms known previously, for example, by Bloch and all [3,4]. The case of time-dependent constraints is also considered. Examples of linear constraints, time independent and time depenndent nonlinear constraints are considered, as well as their dynamics given by suitable lagrangians. All examples are based on classical ones, such as those given by Appell's machine.
    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 70F25, 37J60, 70H45; Secondary: 37C99.


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