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April  2008, 4(2): 329-337. doi: 10.3934/jimo.2008.4.329

An extended lifetime measure for telecommunication network


Centre for Informatics and Applied Optimization, School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences, University of Ballarat, Victoria 3353, Australia, Australia, Australia

Received  June 2007 Revised  January 2008 Published  April 2008

A new measure for network performance evaluation called topology lifetime was introduced in [4, 5]. This measure is based on the notion of unexpected traffic growth and can be used for comparison of topologies. We discuss some advantages and disadvantages of the approach of [4] and suggest some modifications to this approach. In particular we discuss how to evaluate the influence of a subgraph to the lifetime measure and introduce the notion of the order of a path. This notion is useful if we consider a possible extension to the set of working paths in order to support the traffic for the time that is needed for installation of new facilities.
Citation: Zari Dzalilov, Iradj Ouveysi, Alexander Rubinov. An extended lifetime measure for telecommunication network. Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization, 2008, 4 (2) : 329-337. doi: 10.3934/jimo.2008.4.329

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