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Distribution of postcritically finite polynomials Ⅱ: Speed of convergence

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  • In the moduli space of degree $d$ polynomials, we prove the equidistribution of postcritically finite polynomials toward the bifurcation measure. More precisely, using complex analytic arguments and pluripotential theory, we prove the exponential speed of convergence for $\mathscr{C}^2$-observables. This improves results obtained with arithmetic methods by Favre and Rivera-Letellier in the unicritical family and Favre and the first author in the space of degree $d$ polynomials.

    We deduce from that the equidistribution of hyperbolic parameters with $(d-1)$ distinct attracting cycles of given multipliers toward the bifurcation measure with exponential speed for $\mathscr{C}^1$-observables. As an application, we prove the equidistribution (up to an explicit extraction) of parameters with $(d-1)$ distinct cycles with prescribed multiplier toward the bifurcation measure for any $(d-1)$ multipliers outside a pluripolar set.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 37F45; Secondary: 32U40, 37F10.


    \begin{equation} \\ \end{equation}
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